New Restaurant Dill Serves Up Fresh Fare in New City

Clarisa Punla Rockland County

With the holidays upon us, leftovers are going to be a way of life until New Year’s. When Tupperware fatigue kicks in, give yourself a refresher course in healthy eating at New City’s new restaurant, Dill Fresh Mediterranean Grill.

Dill’s build-your-own concept might sound similar to a certain burrito chain you’ve probably been to, but this isn’t fast food—it’s food, fast. Offering unique takes on Mediterranean favorites like homemade gyros and hummus to hand-made falafels and baba ghanoush, the goal here is to satisfy your cravings for delicious, sustainable food at an affordable price.

New Restaurant Dill Fresh Mediterranean in New City

New Restaurant Dill Fresh Mediterranean in New City

Pre-packaged isn’t on the menu here—at Dill, everything is made fresh in-house every morning and customization is king! Start with your choice of wrap or Greek pita (regular or whole wheat), add basmati rice or organic mixed greens, then pile on your favorite proteins (think Greek lemon chicken, traditional pork gyro, pulled-beef shawarma, Greek meatballs, or falafel), add a savory spread (hummus, baba ganoush, Tuscan bean salad, quinoa tabbouleh), then finish with your choice of fresh toppings (tomato and onion, Lebanese slaw, diced cucumber, crumbled feta, and more) and a squeeze or two of sauce (tzatziki, harissa, tahini, honey oregano vinaigrette, and more).

Don’t have time to get creative? Dill’s got plenty of tasty “pre-built” menu options that you can order by name. Desserts, too! Once your custom creation is ready, it’s packed up in 100% biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging and ready to be devoured. Get it to go, or sit and stay awhile in Dill’s small but cozy dining room.

Take that, Tupperware!

Dill Fresh Mediterranean Grill

14 N. Main Street, New City, NY

(845) 638-344